David Mödinger

I am a computer scientist at Ulm University. Previously I worked on the PriCloud research project for a privacy preserving Cloud storage using blockchains. Currently I am working on privacy preserving broadcast protocols.

Outside of university, I like to work on various things. For some examples see the projects or photography page.

I like to build some smaller things

Rough Budget

Shitty Idle


I have some noteworthy publications

Cryptographic Design of PriCloud, a Privacy-preserving Decentralized Storage with Remuneration

A flexible network approach to privacy of blockchain transactions

Decoding interleaved Gabidulin codes using Alekhnovich's algorithm

Also check out my Photography and Videos

Agent Misery

The story of a Agent M. and Dr. D., who have to deal with their own problems. Wirtten in the early stage of the lockdowns of 2020, it took me months to gather the motivation to actually film it.