Published Articles

Pixy: A Privacy-Increasing Group Creationg Scheme

Unobtrusive monitoring: Statistical dissemination latency estimation in Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network

3P3: Strong Flexible Privacy for Broadcasts

From Local Network Formation Game to Peer-to-Peer Protocol

Cryptographic Design of PriCloud, a Privacy-preserving Decentralized Storage with Remuneration

A flexible network approach to privacy of blockchain transactions

Design of a privacy-preserving decentralized file storage with financial incentives

Blackchain: Scalability for resource-constrained accountable vehicle-to-x communication

Using conflict-free replicated data types for serverless mobile social applications

Decoding interleaved Gabidulin codes using Alekhnovich’s algorithm

An alternative decoding method for Gabidulin codes in characteristic zero

Towards Enhanced Network Privacy for Blockchains

Older Theses

Decoding of Gabidulin Codes using Module Minimisation

Master’s Thesis

Berechnung der k-Burrows-Wheeler
Transformation und Datenstrukturen
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Bachelor’s Thesis (German)