숫자 is a korean numbers training tool. It generates numbers and checks the korean translations. It provides a simple keyboard mapping for users without a kroean keyboard.

Check it out at GitHub Pages or read the source on GitHub.

ShittyIdle was the first game I made, a short little idle game. The logical next step was Shitty Idle Studios, a home for all terrible games and prototypes I would create.

Check it out at or read the source on Github.

Rough Budget is a simple budgeting tool that helps you approximate your spending and savings. It’s meant as an intro tool for people that don’t care about precision in the budget, as they don’t want to plan each cent or dollar.

Check it out at or read the source on GitHub.

FABI is a FizzBuzz REST API built in Php. It is a learning project to get comfortable with the concepts of a REST API, deployment via docker, and technologies.

Read the source on GitHub or read the story.

Before switching to WordPress I used my own custom made content management system written in Python. While I don’t use it anymore, the docker image and source are still there.

Read the source on GitHub.